E-commerce Development

We are an experienced pack of digital natives with retail in our DNA. At Wolfpack we believe that future-proof digital commerce should be as simple as possible. For the consumer and the retailer. Because e-commerce is now so much more than just a webshop. But how do you ensure that your physical stores, web shops and all resellers work together optimally to seduce your target group? And how do you handle your inventory and distribution even more effectively?

Future-proof digital commerce requires a different software landscape. With our solutions you build a flawless buying experience that reinforces your brand. Thanks to our many years of experience in retail, we understand how quickly you have to operate to stay ahead of your competition. Together we choose the smartest route to your success and we assist you from strategy to execution. We then develop a customized commerce environment and with our flexible solutions we ensure a flawless buying experience that reinforces your brand. Along the way we constantly anticipate the rhythm of the market. Flexible, but always tightly directed.

What we do:

  • Build enterprise webshops on Salesforce Commerce Cloud;
  • Build webshops on Shopify Plus;
  • Create a 360 view of your customers with integrations of Marketing and Service Cloud;
  • Integrate with other solutions to create true omnichannel experiences.

Digital commerce, the Wolfpack Way. Do you want to know more about please contact us



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