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Great that you are interested Wolfpack and want to become a certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer. In close cooperation with Salesforce we offer a comprehensive and hands-on course that introduces the core programming concepts, relevant files, and scripting language for Salesforce B2C Commerce. In this document you will find more about this course.
First you will get to know more about the Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution via self study on the Trailhead platform. This will be followed by an instructor led training, you will get an exam prep by one of our Sr. Developers. And then you will be more then ready to take the exam and become a certified Salesforce Developer.
We have 5 spots available for the program that starts in April 2021. After successful completion of the training, there is a job waiting for you at the Wolfpack Sofia Tech Hub as Salesforce Developer.

For who?

You have:

  • 1 to 3 years of coding experience
  • experience with Java or JavaScript programming
  • are familiar with the jQuery library and JSON syntax

You want to:

  • work in e-commerce on the leading ecommerce platform
  • become a certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer
  • start a career at leading agency Wolfpack

About SalesForce Commerce Cloud

SalesForce Commerce Cloud
  • SFCC is one of the largest enterprise ecommerce platforms in the world
  • Many leading B2C brands choose SFCC
  • as their ecommerce platform
  • SFCC certified developers are in high demand
  • Great documentation and training tools for ongoing development as you grow more experienced

Application process

  • Send your CV by mail to - 1st March 2021
  • Second round: Take the online test - 14th March 2021
  • Wolfpack Decision 21st March 202
  • Start program - 1st April 2021
  • Finalization & Certification - 1st May 2021

Lessons & Topics

Overview of B2C Commerce
Salesforce B2C Commerce Overview
Storefront Reference Architecture Overview
Business Manager Organization
Accessing Storefront Reference Architecture
Creating a Workspace
Creating a Server Connection
Navigating Cartridges
Cartridge Types
Cartridge Path
Working with Plugin Cartridges
Using a Custom Storefront Cartridge
Introduction to JavaScript Controllers
Creating a JavaScript Controller
Script & JavaScript Controller
Middleware Functions
B2C Commerce Script API
Introduction to Models
Extending Models
ISML Tags and Expressions
Reusing Code in Templates
Conditional Statements & Loops
Resource API & Resource Bundles
Creating & Configuring Content Slots
Content Link Functions
Introduction to Page Designer
Business & Developer Tasks
Creating Custom Components
Forms Framework
Custom & System Objects
XML Metadata File
Server-Side Validation Script
ISML Form Template
Custom Logging
Client-Side Validation Script
Hook Definition
Creating Custom Hooks
Open Commerce API (OCAPI)
Shop API
Data API
Meta API
Configuring OCAPI Settings
Using API Explorer
Making an OCAPI Call
Job Flows
Job Steps
Job Parameters
Creating a Job
Site Maintenance
Site and Page Caching
Site Performance
Storefront Reference Architecture Tools
NPM Tools
Functional and Unit Tests

Training program

What Goal Link Time/Place
Introduction Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Get to know the tools and technologies you use to develop for B2C Commerce
  • Architecture of Salesforce B2C Commerce
  • Tools & Resources for Salesforce B2C Commerce Developers
  • Salesforce B2C Commerce Cartridges
Click here Online, about 8 hours total time for all modules
B2C Commerce Developer with SFRA (CCD102)
  • Virtual classed by Salesforce trainer
To be provided Four days
Certification Prep training
  • Certifications Prep training by Wolfpack Senior Developer
To be provided Virtual or in the office. Two blocks of 4 hours
Certification exam
  • Get the official SFCC developer I certification
To be provided 2 hours

After the training program

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Create cartridges to add reusable functionality to a site.
  • Use JavaScript controllers to add business logic to a site.
  • Create reusable code using ISML templates.
  • Use content slots and page designer to improve the appearance and flexibility of a site.
  • Use B2C Commerce Script in ISML templates and script files.
  • Use the Forms Framework to control the validation, rendering, and storing of consumer-entered values.
  • Create hooks to configure functionality that is called a specific event.
  • Use Open Commerce API to access resources using HTTP requests and responses.
  • Create jobs to automate tasks and processes.
  • Measure and ensure site performance.
  • Install and use SFRA command line tools to perform testing.

Total cost of the training

Wolfpack Salesforce CC Training

  • Online trailhead
  • Salesforce led training 4 full days (online or classroom)
  • Wolfpack training (2 x 4 hours)
  • Certification Cost (105 minutes)
  • Wolfpack Coordination

Total Cost:
EUR 4000

  • Upfront investment: EUR 500
  • Remaining EUR 3500 will become part of your Wolfpack contract
  • If you decide not to join Wolfpack, the remaining EUR 3500 is due upon completion of the program

Your Investment:
EUR 500

Apply now

Jeroen van Hertum

Wolfpack Site Manager Sofia
+35 98 967 653 06