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Channel Management

ORP Channel Management is where the PIM and OMS come together and were every channel is connected.

  Next to own channels such as B2C, B2B websites and POS  external marketplaces such as and Amazon are fully integrated on Catalogue, stock, prices, orders and their status.  In addation ORP channel management links to marketplace aggregators like Tradebyte and ChannelEngine. Each platform has a specific format for data and orders, therefore ORP Channel Management saves retailers a lot of time and money to set-up and to start selling their products on market places.

Channel Management

Manage product content
Use the product content in PIM. Channel manager allows product content to be pushed to external market places with right mapping, language, format
Manage product images
Image formats are adjusted based on specific requirements per channel in terms of size, number of images, image type (model/flat)
Set prices per market place
Standard prices per product (variant) apply for all channels. Per market place prices can be adjusted by product group using simple central discounts
Determine stock levels per market place
Stock maximums can be set per market place to allow optimal margin play
Manage orders from all market places
Pull orders from all market places to one central OMS. Manage fullfillment times (Track & Trace) order statusses, returns and refunds

Commercial integrations